Lucha Libre in Cancun

Join us every Thursday, 20:00 @La Carniceria

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1st row. $1,180 MXN (59 USD)
2nd row. $980 MXN (49 USD)
3rd row. $780 MXN (39 USD)
General. $580 MXN (29 USD)

Try Masks of México - Lucha libre in Cancun, Tacos and Margaritas!

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Transportation from your hotel, tacos, dinner, mariachi, tequila, margaritas, urban art & first row access to the event.

What Happened in the last Lucha Libre in Cancun Events

Week 24 – Guardián takes the fight to Joe Líder with a blatant foul.

Event date & time: 20/04/2023 @20:00

The obvious foul of the jarocho wrestler against the member of 'Perros del Mal' was not taken into account by the judge in charge of justice, Palomo, in this Super ...

Week 23 – Joe Líder took over “La Carnicería” from Cancun Food Tours to the tears of Guardián.

Event date & time: 13/04/2023 @20:00

El Perro del Mal, Joe Líder with Príncipe Cometa in a two-on-two and a triangular pairs fight for the state championship. Stellar performance as every Thursday of fights. ...

Week 22 – A spectacular night for the rudos, where the heavyweights took the ovation after a Super Fight!

Event date & time: 06/04/2023 @20:00

With a change in the first fight, Rey Armin and Princesa Maya face three falls against the return of the most hated of the hated, Toribio along with the Wild ...

Week 21 – Guerrero Maya Jr. and Principe Cometa owned the Famous Lucha Libre in Cancun Thursday!

Event date & time: 30/03/2023 @20:00

*A couple made up of CMLL star wrestlers and the infallible wrestlers from "La Carnicería" by Cancun Food Tours presented their opponents; while on the last night of March "Los ...