Week 21 – Guerrero Maya Jr. and Principe Cometa owned the Famous Lucha Libre in Cancun Thursday!

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Event date & time: 30/03/2023 @20:00

*A couple made up of CMLL star wrestlers and the infallible wrestlers from "La Carnicería" by Cancun Food Tours presented their opponents; while on the last night of March "Los Funebres" from Tabasco also participated.

What happened in the Week 21 – Guerrero Maya Jr. and Principe Cometa owned the Famous Lucha Libre in Cancun Thursday!

The 21st edition of “Fighting Thursday” at La Carnicería on Avenida Yaxchilán generated great expectations when Guerrero Maya Jr. also appeared as a guest wrestler in the Consejo de Lucha Libre (CMLL), members who are capable of facing “Los Funebres Jr. II and III”, heroes of Tabasco, who carry out a combat full of adrenaline with local talents.

It was in the duel that closed the final round in March that Guerrero Maya Jr., who wore an orange and blue mask, with Príncipe Cometa in the ring, against the -rudos- of Guardian and Tiger Fly, the technician attributed the victory to him. score on a freak drop.

After the initial whistle of the match, chaired by the “referee” Dark Palomo, the participants engaged in a duel flush with the canvas, to the delight of the contestants, which culminated in a good way when Guerrero Maya Jr. gave in to the “pure” side ” from The Guardian, and Prince of Comets did the same against Tiger Fly, both famous for the hurracarrana. But the bad guy scored on the second knockdown for the tie and was so intent on doing it after leaving that The Guardian disrespected the CMLL star wrestler and abused him with a chair. He then took advantage of this situation to level it from behind. . , later with Tigerfly, he realized Prince Comet.

However, the best was yet to come as the third and final fall featured stunts, including Príncipe Cometa’s deadly Tiger Fly to knock him out, while Guerrero Maya Jr. on canvas, The Guardian understood, shocked public opinion. and won by twenty. Meanwhile, the match – the semi-finals – came to an unexpected end when the Angel of Death was injured after suffering a hard fall between the ropes, to which Corvus quietly came to support King Ace Patano in the third fall, whose duo beat Tabasco. “Los Funebres Jr. II y III” also caught the attention of “La Carnicería” regulars.

It should be noted that the undertaker initiated all these questions so much that they passed the first whistle, and they had no mercy on the king of Sparta, and they managed to surrender between the two, leaving only the angel of death, which was almost impossible, so finally gave up. But the Cancun duo responded immediately and despite being tortured with chairs until the Angel of Death jumped out of the ring halfway between the second and third ropes of Funebre III, injuring his right foot when he fell while flying over Funebre II. Then the king. He got hungry, was immediately flogged, delivered, and razed to the ground.

In the third knockdown, however, Rey Espartano was backed up by Corvus, who took the injured spot, and did a very good job taking care of Funebre II, also leaving Funebre III in bad shape with the whip. , the king of Sparta took advantage of the situation to fall on him and declare himself victorious. By the way, it was Corvus’s second win of the night as he, the original heads-up, defeated the little would-be warrior who fell off the top rope and submitted.

In this way, the synergy created between Cancún Food Tours, Lucha Libre Cancún and La Parrilla received at the end of the month the fifth “Battle Thursday” as always H. Benito Juárez Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts Committee; In addition to the medical support of Ambar Ambulance, a 20-second poster of “La Carnicería” will soon be released on April 6.

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