Week 23 – Joe Líder took over “La Carnicería” from Cancun Food Tours to the tears of Guardián.

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Event date & time: 13/04/2023 @20:00

El Perro del Mal, Joe Líder with Príncipe Cometa in a two-on-two and a triangular pairs fight for the state championship. Stellar performance as every Thursday of fights.

What happened in the Week 23 – Joe Líder took over “La Carnicería” from Cancun Food Tours to the tears of Guardián.

Another famous Thursday of Lucha Libre by Cancun Food Tours in the famous “Carnicería” where we received the visit of Perro del Mal, Joe Líder who, together with the super Príncipe Cometa, won against Guardián and Caballero Galáctico. On the other hand, Duende Maya (a half meter) and Pakal were crowned as couple champions.

Joe Líder subdues Caballero Galáctico with the chair to give the victory to the dissatisfaction of Guardián.

A first fall controlled by the mischief of Chetumal’s Freddy Mercury, Caballero Galactico, managed to subdue Joe Líder and quickly take the first fall.

In the second fall, it seemed that the couple led by Joe Líder did not get on the same page until a wake-up call and a slap to Príncipe Cometa, made them get in tune and start with the show we are accustomed to. A deadly front-of-house specialty taking down Guardian and the surrender to Caballero Galáctico gave the second loss to “Perros del Mal”.

In the last fall, Príncipe Cometa made another spectacular flight that Joe Líder would follow. But they did not count on the experience and rudeness of the “EOH Chetumaleño” who would receive him with a strong hit with the chair! Joe Líder was able to reverse the situation cheered by the fans’ chant of “Lucha Extrema” and cruelly tortured Caballero with a stomp to the head from the third rope and finishing with a flat back count.

Guardián, concerned for the welfare of his partner, took the microphone and demanded less violence and a rematch.

Duende Maya and Pakal New State Couples Champions

The semifinal fight was triangular for the couples championship where Duende Maya and Pakal won against the Chetumaleños, Guerrero Galáctico Jr. and Ángel del Apocalipsis and the pair of Gran Tigre and Taurus.

The beloved Abuelo, Taurus, took control and rhythm of the battle chanted by his loyal fans of ” la Carnicería” of Cancun Food Tours. In one moment, Guerrero Galáctico Jr. began to bring out his superstar qualities, making the fight lean towards “los Chetumaleños.” However, after a flight over the third rope, he rammed Angel del Apocalipsis to knock them out of the possibility of victory.

For his part timid, Duende Maya took advantage to put Taurus on his back flat and get the count to three by Palomo, just as Pakal surrendered Gran Tigre. A controversial fight as Taurus reached to grab the ropes but Palomo skipped that part and continued his count.

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