Week 24 – Guardián takes the fight to Joe Líder with a blatant foul.

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Event date & time: 20/04/2023 @20:00

The obvious foul of the jarocho wrestler against the member of 'Perros del Mal' was not taken into account by the judge in charge of justice, Palomo, in this Super Libre bout.

What happened in the Week 24 – Guardián takes the fight to Joe Líder with a blatant foul.

Joe Líder’s return to “La Carnicería” against the jarocho Guardián.

For the second week in a row, “La Carniceria” of Cancun Food Tours hosted AAA Super Star, Joe Líder. “Perro del Mal” was challenged to a rematch in super libre mode by El Jarocho Guardián in week 23 of lucha libre in Cancun. In the end, the local team would take the victory with the support of the endearing and controversial Dark Palomo.

Although the rudo Guardián, was not convinced to fight in Super Libre against a reference of extreme wrestling, he accepted and they made a great show in this week 24.

Joe Líder started the actions with the support of the audience and a chair, so the fight started on his side. However, Guardián proved to be up to the task and bounced back.

In the end, it was all tainted by the abstract justice of Dark Palomo, who raised Guardián’s hand after submitting Joe Líder via foul.

A magnificent evening

In the semifinal fight, Cometa and Chikitín suffered a painful defeat against Alma de Oro and Toriñito. Technicians were in control of the fight. Chikitín with his famous scissors and Príncipe Cometa with his spectacular flights that put them at constant risk.

As a result, Príncipe Cometa suffered a neck injury and Chikitín suffered some muscular discomfort that allowed the rudos to take advantage of the victory.

Mixed Fight We kicked off the night with a fight between the experienced versus the new blood. Taurus propitiated a beating from the introduction, accompanied by Mujer Salvaje Jr. which was not enough to contain the desire for victory of La Princesa Maya and Infierno who took the victory.

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