Week 22 – A spectacular night for the rudos, where the heavyweights took the ovation after a Super Fight!

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Event date & time: 06/04/2023 @20:00

With a change in the first fight, Rey Armin and Princesa Maya face three falls against the return of the most hated of the hated, Toribio along with the Wild Woman. In the second joust, "el Abuelo", as Taurus has been baptized in "La Carnicería" of Cancun Food Tours, orchestrating "Wasabi" and Gran Tigre against Príncipe Cometa, Infierno, and Chikitin in a three vs. three Super Free Mode. We close the night with the first stellar 2v2 Heavyweight match in the history of Lucha Libre in Cancun.

What happened in the Week 22 – A spectacular night for the rudos, where the heavyweights took the ovation after a Super Fight!

Incredible Thursday night of week 22 of Lucha Libre in Cancun from La Carniceria de Cancun Food Tours, where the heavyweight show took the night with a masterful performance by these gladiators. The rudeness and charisma of Abuelo, Wazabi, and Gran Tigre, extinguished the light of Principe Cometa, Chikitin, and Infierno. Dark Palomo imparter of fair justice.

Stellar Performance GREAT FIGHT! The first 2v2 Lucha Libre starring heavyweights in Cancun ends in a draw.

The fight of the week or even the month! Supersónico Jr. and Rey Espartano draw two out of three falls with no time limit against Pakal and Guardián in a SPECTACULAR fight.

A first fall totally dominated by “los rudos” where Supersónico Jr. performed an elegant plancha on Guardián to knock him out and win. But not before torturing “los técnicos” and tearing their masks.

In the second fall, the técnicos took the baton by entering the aggressive game of “los rudos”, adding a catapult where Guardián flew to knock down “los rudos”. Returning to the ropes, Guardián finished the fall with a backward mortal to surrender Supersónico Jr. while Pakal finished Rey Espartano with a “desnucadora”. Also without first tearing the mask of “los técnicos”.

The third fall, with broken masks, was a real spectacle, but that’s what it was. That these gladiators are to be thanked for. However, the rogue Guardián tried to trick Palomo by removing his mask. Unjustly decreed a tie when it should have been a disqualification for Guardian and “los técnicos”.

The public approved Palomo’s decision. This triggered Supersónico to bet his championship against Guardián and to dedicate a few emotional words to the audience and rivals after such a great show.

Co-starring fight. The favorite Rudos de la Carnicería win again before the justice of Dark Palomo.

Taurus, Duende Verde, and Gran Tigre, better known as “El Abuelo, Wasabi and Gran Tigre”, gave a lesson in pure aggressiveness and defeated El Príncipe Cometa with Chikitín and Infierno in super libre mode.

From the presentation, “los rudos” did their thing starting the torture of “los técnicos”. Lack of concentration caused “los técnicos” to take the first loss. This made my grandfather very angry and he mercilessly slashed them with a chair, as is his specialty. He was joined in the torture by the beloved Wasabi and Gran Tigre. The second fall was a mere formality.

The third fall was a little closer despite Chikitín’s knee injury. A deadly front flip over the third rope by Príncipe Cometa had the crowd in attendance erupting. However, El Abuelo made the rudo’s side win by a three count on flat backs, backed by the justice of Dark Palomo. Some spectators claim to have seen fouls, but neither Dark Palomo nor I saw anything. Hooray “los rudos”!

Initial fight. Toribio’s return to La Carnicería with victory in mixed wrestling.

Toribio returns to La Carnicería after four months out of the ring. Together with Mujer Salvaje, they gave a technical and aggressive lesson to the technicians, orchestrated by the experience of Rey Armin, and the sensuality of Princesa Maya.

The first fall was for “los técnicos” who surrendered to “los rudos”. The second fall was taken by “los rudos” in a rather slow fight. Que para la tercera se calentaron los ánimos después de una riña en medio de los espectadores.

Despite a spectacular flight by La Princesa Maya that knocked down Toribio and Mujer Salvaje, it wasn’t enough to stop “los rudos” from taking the fight.

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