Week 20 – Space Triumph at “La Carnicería” by Cancun Food Tours

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Event date & time: 23/03/2023 @20:00

The duo of Príncipe Cometa and Supersónico Jr. ruined the return of Corsario Jr. at the famous Lucha Libre Thursdays in Cancun by Cancun Food Tours.

What happened in the Week 20 – Space Triumph at “La Carnicería” by Cancun Food Tours

Cancun Food Tours celebrated week 20 of Lucha Libre in Cancun, at the famous “Carnicería”, where the technical side, orchestrated by Principe Cometa and Supersonic Jr., ruined the return of Corsario Jr. to Lucha Thursdays.

Dark Palomo came down from the ring as it was a super free modality. It would seem an advantage for the Rudos side, however, El Rey Espartano together with Corsario Jr. They were not rude enough to stop the spectacularity of the technicians.

In addition, on this show, there was the presentation of Captain Calico, who left a pleasant impression, as well as Rey Armin who starred as rivals in the -Semifinal Fight- in Couples; without neglecting the -Triangular- with which the evening began and in which Hell was left with the victory by disqualification.

On the other hand, in -the semifinals- one of the most active fighters of “La Carnicería”, such as Guardian, went up to the ring with Captain Calico, who premiered these characteristics, to measure himself against another new element such as Rey Armin with Espontaneo. The technicians from The Guardian and Captain Calico were the winners in this duel, with a couple -hurracarranas- beating their opponents for the first fall; the ropes flew overhead, immobilizing the two as the first of them injured his right foot, while on the canvas The Guardian spontaneously gave up with the key – Atlantida

In addition, those who participated in the 20th “Fighting Thursday” enjoyed the initial “Triangle”, between Taurus and Hell they eliminated Toriñito, so in the end the captain of the “Evil Machine” violated the rules by depriving his hell of his Mask, Taurus is therefore disqualified. In the coming days, when the promoters unveil the poster for the twentieth edition of “Wrestling Thursday” to be held at “La Carnicería” on March 30 at 8:00 p.m., there will be a wrestler invited to the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre ( CMLL). ).

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